The Brain of God- Duality and Non Duality

“All is waves, with nothing waving, over no distance at all” (The Infinity Concerto).  I love this quote as a poetic description of quantum physics– deep down, everything in the universe has wave nature.

The spiritual seeker often makes a fundamental error: that of believing duality (the everyday perception of things, events and self as separate entities) and nonduality (the awakened perspective in which all separation is seen to be an illusion) to be at opposite ends of the spectrum of consciousness. This false perspective perpetuates the myth, handed down by the patriarchal paradigm, that creates a division between an imaginary transcendent state of being in which only the perfection of bliss prevails, and the messy, chaotic and often painful earthly world.  Even in the recognition of awakeness, there is frequently a subtle but pernicious avoidance of the blood, sweat and tears of the human experience. The fullness of awakening comes when awakeness has descended from mind to heart to body, and every cell of your being now dances and sings with the joy of this realization: this cannot happen without the deepest acceptance of duality. The awesome mystery of consciousness expressing itself as both dual and nondual is perplexing and unacceptable to the linear thinking mind. But it becomes a doorway to the inexpressible when we shift to holistic way of experiencing reality as both dual and non-dual.

Today, as more people awaken and then wonder how to live the truth of awakening, this shift is becoming an imperative.  This is a sign of the feminine frequency in which our earthly experience is wholeheartedly included in the play of consciousness.  The feminine frequency is nurturing, healing, open, loving and life giving.  It is this frequency that has permeated the awakened being and has loosed the shackles of dogma, belief, and control.  This feminine frequency is calling us into a new conversations about how the truth of awakeness is experienced and expressed in everyday life.

The study of physics, biology, mathematics, physiology, etc. over the last 100 years has pointed its way to the harmonic reality of the dual and non dual nature of our existence.  Dr. John Hagelin states, “Progress in theoretical physics during the past half century or more has led to a progressively more unified understanding of the laws of nature, culminating in the recent discovery of completely unified field theories based on the superstring. These theories identify a single universal, unified field at the basis of all forms and phenomena in the universe.

At the same time, cutting-edge research in the field of neuroscience has revealed the existence of a ‘unified field of consciousness’—a fourth major state of human consciousness, which is physiologically and subjectively distinct from waking, dreaming and deep sleep. In this meditative state, a.k.a. Samadhi, the threefold structure of waking experience—the observer, the observed and the process of observation—are united in one indivisible wholeness of pure consciousness.”

These parallel discoveries of a unified field of physics and a unified field of consciousness raise fundamental questions concerning the relationship between the two. There is compelling theoretical and experimental evidence that the unified field of physics and the unified field of consciousness are identical—i.e., that during the meditative state, human awareness directly experiences the unified field at the foundation of the universe.

It has been proposed that the identity between pure consciousness and the unified field may be required to account for experimentally observed “field effects of consciousness”.  In the published results of a National Demonstration Project—in which 4,000 advanced meditators markedly reduced violent crime in Washington, DC.  The results of this project seem to show mechanisms from quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, and superstring theory that may explain the proposed link between human neurophysiology and the unified field of physics.

The human brain and its measurable neuronal firing is simply the second person perspective of the first person experience (inner life).  Therefore, the brain is a material system like the rest of the cosmos, then the cosmos, too, must be the second person perspective of the cosmic inner life.  Then could it mean, and it seems to stand up to reason, that the cosmos may be the literal “brain of God”?


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